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Default Female chef for Egyptian Preisdent?

Somehow I doubt that it will happen. But it's a nice idea. Better than a military thug or an Islamist bully.

Ghalia Mahmoud is what Egyptians fondly call a "Set" - a term reserved for strong women respected for their ability to keep hearth and home together.

Set Ghalia is in her 30s, sturdy of build, with an electric smile. She raised two daughters while working long hours as a maid for one of Cairo's upper-class families...

...Set Ghalia's life, like Egypt's, was caught up in revolutionary currents. Soon after the downfall of President Mubarak, her employer's brother - the founder of a pro-revolutionary TV station - had an idea.

He wanted a new show - something entertaining - to leaven the diet of news and current affairs, and his mind turned to Ghalia, much loved for her delicious food and her gift of the gab.

The concept was simple. Ghalia could lead a kitchen uprising on television - no more fancy cuisine using unaffordable ingredients and complex recipes but plain fare for plain folk. Tasty and cheap.

A year on and Set Ghalia's cooking show on 25TV is an extraordinary hit.

Her ratings are so good she does a live 90-minute show in prime-time.

She is watched on satellite throughout the Middle East. She does not have a computer but she has 40,000 Facebook fans...

...A group of Egyptians - clearly unimpressed by the official list of candidates for next month's presidential election - issued an online plea for Set Ghalia to run for the highest office.

Set Ghalia for president?

Then Egypt's revolution really would be cooking on gas.
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